Oooohhhh, I Feel An Icy Blast…

…of cold air from a much more efficient, not to mention properly working, A/C unit.  Ok, so it’s really not “icy,” more cool than anything else.

Last week, I had a guy come out a recharge our A/C unit.  It had been two years since it was last charged, and the poor thing just wasn’t keeping up.  It was 29 years old, afterall.  Well, a few days later, I noticed wet carpet – great.  So I called the guy back, pulled out some towels, pulled out the box fan, and pulled the air intake cover off the wall so I could put some pans under the A/C unit to catch the dripping water.  It seems my evaporator had frozen up, and was now dripping everywhere.  Nice.  So the guy turned off my unit, and gave me a quick quote for a new evaporator and condenser, and left me and Son to bake in our house.

Actually, we didn’t bake.  Because our house has good windows, insulation, and a radiant barrier, it took all day for it to get up to 86 degrees.  By then it was nightfall, the evaporator was defrosted, and Husband turned the unit back on.  Not bad at all when it’s in the upper 90’s outside.

So Saturday, a bunch of guys came out an installed a new unit; a brand new 13 SEER unit to  replace my old 7-8 SEER unit.  What’s all that mean?  SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is a fancy way of saying how efficient the unit is.  SEER is determined by dividing the amount of cooling-output during a cooling season by the amount of actual wattage used over that same period.  The higher the SEER, the more efficient it is, the less electricity you have to use, and that’s less money you have to pay to your energy provider.    A law was passed in 2006 that states all A/C units must be a minimum SEER of 13, but you can go as high as 20.

My new evaporator is nearly twice the size of my old one, and the new condenser is tall and shiny.  They tell me its quiet too, but it’s on the side of the house with no windows, so it doesn’t matter to me – I do wish my neighbor’s unit was quieter.  I won’t know until we get our electricty bill next month just how much of a difference the new stuff makes, but the unit does seem to be on less, and the 75 degrees we always have it set on, suddenly seems a bit cool.

Must be working!


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