Remember Those Old Sheets?

Think a while back; I’m talking months.  I made a nap pad for Son to take to preschool out of some old bed sheets.  Well, I still have plenty of sheet left, and last week I turned it into his favorite cartoon character.  Who is she?  Let me introduce you.

She’s a mouse that has lots of friends, and is in lots of books.  She doesn’t talk at all, either, which Son seems to like.  It is also one of the few cartoons I allow him to watch.  He loves it.  So back to the doll.

I found an image of her online, and then drew it out onto my old bed sheet.  Then, I just started this stitch that I made up (I’m sure it has a real name) all around the edges, and all by hand.  You see, I have no training in the art of sewing/stitching.  I kinda go about it the same way I garden – I make it up as I go.  If you are into sewing, the stitch I created was an up-over-down-through-the-middle-of-the-last-stitch sort of thing.  Any clues to the actual name?  I’m not conceited enough to think I really invented a new stitch.  But anyway…

I cut her out, and flipped her right side out so the stitches would be hidden on the inside, and stuffed her full of polyester fill.  Then I broke out the koohinoor markers from college, and dyed the fabric at the hands, feet, tail, and nose.  Of course that wasn’t enough, she was naked.  So I made her some overalls.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I’m one of those people who doesn’t consider the work/challenge involved when creating something; I just design it in my head to where I think it’s best, and struggle through – this got me into trouble a lot in Architecture College.  But I got it done, finally, and put on the buttons.  And yes, they work.

You won’t believe it, but I didn’t have to spend a dime to make her.  Between my bed sheets, and my mother’s Hobby Lobby like closet, I had everything I needed.  So Son got a new toy for free!

And Son loves her.  When I finished her yesterday, and handed her over, his exact words were, “Oh, very nice!  Thank you so much! Oh, very nice!  Thank you so much, thank you so much!  That’s cute!”  Remember, he’s only 2.  I was speechless; it was all worth it.

And, ok, it took me a week to make her, and then another week to make her clothes; that’s what I get for not using the sewing machine.  Hey, nobody said I was fast.


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  1. Pamela

    Awesome job!

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