So Maybe I’m Not Mary…

Remember that garden I planted a few months ago?  Well, here she is today.  At first I thought I was soo awesome.  I mean, I had tomatoes growing over a month ago – they sure take a long time to ripen, and everything but the okra and peppers were taking off.  Then, I started to look around, and noticed that other people’s plants were much much larger than mine.  I’ve decided I have discovered a new breed of pygmy plants, perfect for the gardener with little space.

You see, I had never seen a zucchini plant in my notable memory, and had never paid attention to tomato plants, either.  I didn’t realize that zucchini plants become giant monsters, langing around, kicked back like they own the place.  I never knew that tomato plants into large bushes that needed to be propped up to support their own weight; I thought the cages had more to do with cagey things, like keeping pests out, or the possible Killer Tomato in.

The good news is that the okra is actually doing just what it is supposed to be doing – I think.  It’s now 18-24 inches tall, and I’ve gotten to pick two nice pods from the plants.  The tomatoes, small as they may be, taste delicious and don’t take up much room in the kitchen once picked.

If the zucchini ever do anything but produce flowers and feed squash bugs, then I may start marketing my new tiny gardens.  Things in miniature are always popular, and I bet there are lots of foodies in New York City, or flats in other cities that would love to test their thumbs.

As for those peppers I planted?  I’m not really sure what they’re doing.  They’re still alive, but they haven’t grown more than 8-10 inches tall, and haven’t produced a thing.  Oh well.


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  1. Those actually seem like pretty big tomatoes to me.

    As for the squash not sure about TX but i know here me and the lady didn’t get that much cause we planted a bit late and it is already to hot for squash(es) to really do much.

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