Yay! Another Reuse…

Do you guys like it better when there’s a picture?  I do.  So what is it?  Well…

I used to have this t-shirt.  I loved the bright colour, but hated, absolutely hated the crew style neckline.  It made me feel like a soccer mom every time I put it on, nothing against soccer or moms, but I’m just not one.  So I decided that I would slice it up a bit, and see if I couldn’t get it to a more likable form.

I did the neckline first.  It was tough for me because I don’t really know anything about sewing.  I just cut, pinned, stitched, and trimmed until I got it closer to what I wanted.  Then, I wanted some more flash, so I decorated it.

The little fabric round came from various t-shirts and even one pillow case that happened to be jersey knit, and I stitched them on by hand.

In the end, the shirt is still a little big on me, but I like the flare, and I now have a “new” shirt in my closet.


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One response to “Yay! Another Reuse…

  1. caedwin

    who knows, you might get some requests for your new creation. You could always look at thrift shops for cheap t-shirts to modify and of course, you could save the scraps to decorate others!

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