A New Kind of War…

Everybody knows that what pulled us out of the great depression was World War II.  It was big, it united everybody, and created millions of jobs.  We need that sort of thing to pull us out of the current recession, and a comment on yesterday’s post got me thinking.  Maybe this enormous oil mess could be just the ticket.  Politicians and environmentalists alike have been talking about a “war on oil” for a while now, and maybe this could be it.  I know it’s not really what anyone had in mind, but hear me out.

If what they say is true, that workers can only work for 20 minutes at a time in the coastal heat to clean up the sludge before they are required to rest, then it would make sense to employ twice to thrice as many workers so the cleaning won’t have to stop – the oil certainly isn’t taking a break.  This mess is so large that it will take an army on guard in the four states lining the gulf.    If the government plays its cards right, I don’t see why this can’t mobilize the country, employ the unemployed, and really pull this country out of its awful recession.

Maybe I should write my congressman….


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