That Oil Spill…

I’m sure it seems strange to have a blog all about saving the planet, and not to have mentioned the mess happening in the Gulf.  I guess I just don’t really have any answers.  Other than…

I wouldn’t call it a spill.  It’s really more of a leak, a very large leak.  Sure, it’s just semantics, but I’m big on words, and calling something a spill implies that it was actually contained and then spilled, when in fact never was contained, so I see it more as a leak.

Next, I would lift that moratorium on the drilling so the relief wells can be drilled.  I understand wanting to halt the drilling in case of another accident, but the relief well seems the only way to really stop the oil leak.

The whole thing is pretty gross.  I’m not angry about it like many people because it doesn’t affect me directly.  I see it more as a yucky mess.  I went to the beach in Florida last summer, and found some Chanel sunglasses washed up on shore.  They had some sticky oil stuff on them, and it was a pain to get off.  It was my first encounter with crude oil, and it is nasty stuff, so I feel for the men and women down on the coast working hard to clean it up.  I wish them lots of luck.  I wonder if the loan-payoff-assistance-for-civil-service applies in this case.  Any of you heading down to help?



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2 responses to “That Oil Spill…

  1. caedwin

    If the loan payoff program were to be used in this instance, it would certainly make sense to participate. From what I have heard, because of the heat and the clothing that must be worn, the cleanup teams can only work 20 minutes at a time before they have to take a break. At that rate, you could have 3 different teams that could rotate in and out each hour. That could “employ” a lot of people!

  2. Just a clarification from what i know the current drilling moratorium does not include relief wells and they are in fact already drilling two. They apparently started shortly after the initial accident.

    See here

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