I Don’t Feel So Great…

Really.  I think it must be the weather.  It’s been dark and humid with a bit of rain here lately.  I think it’s giving me a headache.  Made me wonder about homeopathic methods for curing headaches.  My dad once told me to chew on willow tree bark if I had a headache, and the one time I tried, it didn’t work.  I wonder what else there is out there.

And now that I’ve written that, I’ve come up with a more interesting post.  Veganism.  I was watching Ellen yesterday, and though it was a rerun, she was talking about her veganism.  (The computer keeps telling me that’s not a word.)  They say it’s better for the environment, but I feel like it really might all balance out.  I could be wrong.  But I figure that if we were to truly rid ourselves of such delights as meat and  cheese, that well, we’d have to really step up production of produce, and the usage of pesticides, ect.  And sure, the vast feed lots would be turned into nice green gardens, but in order to live completely off of plants, wouldn’t we need to eat much much more?  I mean so much more that we’d have to begin cultivating every square inch of land available?

Well, maybe not, I’m no expert in the field, but I do question whether it’s the be all end all to the environmental debate.  Seems that someone has to keep the cattle population in check, even if it’s just to keep them out of the radishes.


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