And We Will Try Again…

No, I’m not talking about you guys, but really, that was a pretty sorry showing yesterday.  I’m talking about my dishwasher, actually.  It’s still not fixed.  I know, right?  So far, the pump sump has been replaced, and then the ENTIRE pump sump unit was replaced – sorry, I’m not a dishwasher repairman – and now, the guy is coming back out to see why my dishes are still covered in soap build-up.  Gross.  I’m to the point now that I don’t even want to use my dishwasher.

And it’s got me thinking… which is better for the environment?  Which uses less water?  Which uses less soap?  Which soap is better for the environment?  The way I do dishes, the dishwasher probably uses less water, and less soap, but the way my dishwasher does dishes, hand washing would get them cleaner.  In the end, I guess it’s really up to the dish user.  Hope you don’t mind slightly dirty dishes!



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2 responses to “And We Will Try Again…

  1. caedwin

    If you do dishes the way my grandmother did and you have double sinks, you fill one sink with hot soapy water and the other sink with just hot water. Then you wash the dishes and put them in the dish drainer to drain (air drying not only is healthier, but saves you effort, btw). Since the water isn’t running constantly, you probably save money (and even get a LITTLE exercise). If you have the single farm sink, you use either a large porcelain coated basin or a plastic basin (it used to be called a dish pan and sadly you can’t find them any more) for your wash water and then use your sink for your rinse water. Once again, the water isn’t running, so you probably use less water.

    The only joy I ever got out of doing dishes this way was being able to stare out the window over the sink and have time to gather my thoughts, make plans for the future, solve problems, etc. You sort of did the dishes on auto pilot and just let your mind drift.

  2. namhenderson

    Yeah I agree that there can be something meditative about dish washing. I think if you use the 2 sink method then the hand washing is probably better for the environment. Although, there probably does come a point where if you have too many dishes it makes more environmental sense to use dishwasher. An issue of scale i would think?

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