My Last Day of Class…

Today is my last day of that week long class I told you I was attending.  Remember?  The one where we made posters, lots of posters, and then chunked them all?  Well guess what!  I learned on Friday that those posters were all made from a recycled sugar cane base.  I don’t know what that means, but the package says it was greener, and earth friendly, and that made me feel better about throwing it away.

And all that makes me wonder.  With the greening of consumerism, are we more likely to actually recycle and green ourselves, or simply continue as we are, and buy products that have been greened for us so that we feel better.  I mean, if the paper we buy is 90% recycled material, then we’ve saved some from the landfill, done our part, and can simply toss it when we’re through, right?  Recycled paper is better than fresh paper, right?  Think of all those trees we just saved.  But in reality, it would be that much better to buy recycled paper and then recycle it again.

It’s kind of and interesting notion to think we could actually be writing on the same piece of paper over and over and over again, or to think of the many others who have shared your sheet of recycled paper.  You never know, the rough draft to Twilight could have been written on that sheet, and you’re about to write a grocery list on it.  Ok, so I’m not a “Twi-hard,” but you get the idea.

It’s interesting to think just where that recycled stuff could be going.  I think it would be fun to track my recycled items, see what they are reformed into, who connects with that reformation, and where it goes from there.  I don’t think it can be done, the logistics are beyond me, but I see it playing out much like a 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon sort of scenario.  It could show just how connected we all really are in this crazy world, and I like that.  So the next time you recycle that bottle of beer, just think, it could be me that get the next swig.  Here’s to you!


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