Back to School…

I’m in the middle of switching careers, and that means going back to school.  I spent all day yesterday, and will spend the next four days, in class.  It’s a class on effective teaching, and in the class we do a lot of large visual posters.  At the end of the day, we cleaned up the classroom, and it occurred to me that we were tossing all of these posters into the trash, and everybody knows that paper is recyclable.  But how over-zealous would it be for me to bring all the posters home with me just so I can recycle them?  I think its a little nuts, so I don’t think I will do it, but some people do.  There was a man on Oprah’s “Green Show” that brings home the paper towels from his office washroom so that he can recycle them.  I saw that!  See, even the most green-minded of us recoils at the thought of bringing home used towels from a public restroom.

I know that if I ever want to reach people about being “green,” that being a zealot will never work.  Heck, the whole purpose of this sight is to show people how easy it is to be “green,” and how it can save the wallet while its saving the planet.  So what do I do about all those posters we are bound to make, and throw away, again today?  What would you do?


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