Well, I Tried to Be Green…

I tried.  I really did.

About a month ago, my son, who really likes to sweep and clean, took my broom from its usual storage place by the washing machine, and did something with it.  I don’t know what he did exactly – sweep, pull-ups, gallop across the plains, or fend off mighty hoards of charging Huns – but whatever he did do, he must’ve done it with fearless heart because my broom ended up broken.  I know they don’t make things like they used to.  Wooden handled brooms feel better in the hand that their metal counterparts, if you ask me, but the hollow metal ones are the only ones you can buy at Wal-Mart, and they’re cheap, serve their purpose well, and can last a lifetime, assuming that lifetime doesn’t include defending the castle from angry mobs.

So my broom handle was bent in half, but not fully broken.  I used it as it was for a couple of weeks, trying to sweep against the direction of the bend, but believe it or not, brooms are directional, and it just wasn’t working.  So I did what any good, green, person would do…..

I made a splint.  You know those silly little sticks that come in a new pair of dress shoes?  I used two of those (yeah for re-purposing!) and some duct tape, and you know what they say… “if you can’t duct it…”  Well, guess what.  Turns out you can’t.  The broom worked for one more sweeping, with its bandaged handle, and then Snap!! the bend became a break.  Even the splints broke in two.

Sure, I’m no doctor, and have now specialized training in splinting a broken bone, but I never figured a broom would be that difficult.  I mean, come on, its a broom!  But, alas, the handle could not be saved.  I had to get the handle from our “outside” broom.  Its dirty, smudgy, and feels differently in the hand, but at least my “inside” broom is back up to task.  I guess I will have to go and buy a new handle for the poor thing.  Funny, I just had a vision of those Swifter commercials…  “who’s that lady, who’s that lady?”


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