Another Fun Friday Quickie…

It’s memorial day weekend, and just to be in cahoots with everyone else, we’re having a party.  Here are a few fun and free ideas to help you get your party get off to a great, green start!

  1. Do all your cooking outside.  There was a reason why medieval kitchens weren’t inside the house, other than fire safety.  All that heat from roasting food can roast you. This means you’ll be turning up your A/C just so your guests won’t begin to melt into their drinks, and that means you’ll be wasting money and electricity.  So save some money, and pretend you’re all the more festive by partying outside.
  2. Serve hot dogs.  Everybody knows they’re cheap, and they’re cheap because they’re made of scrap meats.  They’re like edible recycling, or maybe reuse is more appropriate.  In any case, you’ll be keeping those scraps out of the waste bin.  Good for you!
  3. Another great thing about those hot dogs….. you don’t need a plate.  Pick up some buns while you’re at the store, and people will be able to eat the device that keeps the hot and tasty dog off their hands.
  4. Play lawn games like washers.  What’s washers?!  Its like horse shoes, but with buried soup cans and old washers.  Hows that for reuse?

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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