Exposing Another Company…

…in a good way.

My mother just bought new glass glasses for her home.  It was about time, really.  She only had two glasses and then a bunch of plastic cups from football games – yes, those kind of cups.  I refused to drink out of them for fear of BPA and any other plasticy awfulness.  So I was quite please that she bought some actual glass glasses.

Since I was there to clean yesterday, I was the one who unpacked the cups, and put them away.  As soon as I started pulling glasses out of the box, I noticed there was writing on the cardboard inserts.  Check it out!  Can you tell what it is?

Sure, its not the best photo, but it was taken with the iPhone, and everyone knows that iPhones, for all their awesomeness in other areas, are just not great cameras.  But you can still see that the inserts have graphics from Morton Salt Company.  It seems that the inserts were a clever reuse of old boxes, and for this I am happy.  Sure, regular people have been reusing boxes for decades; heck, my mom used to pack all our old clothes into xerox boxes when we outgrew them so they could be passed down.  My grandmother saves her checkbook boxes to wrap money in at Christmas.  I’m sure you guys save, and reuse boxes too, so it really isn’t a new thing, but its new for companies to do so.

Glad to see they’re saving the planet, and their money.  I just hope they pass that saving onto us!


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