I’ve Got a Problem…

My backyard has an invader.  It’s been destroying my garden, and Son’s sandbox, and I need to find a legal, humane, and earth-friendly way to remove it.  What is it?  It’s a cat.

The cat has clumsily knocked tomatoes off my tomato plants, and has been using Son’s sandbox as his own personal porta-john.  Not cool.  Just not cool.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m not really a cat person in the first place, though I understand that some people love their cats dearly, and I’m glad for them.  But if you love your cat so much, then you wouldn’t let it roam around, and get mangy.  Yes, this cat is mangy.  It is a stray, and being from the country, the way that I would normally deal with a stray nuisance is, well, matter-o-fact and final.  I live in the city now, and my “barbaric” ways are not understood, or even legal.  So what am I to do?  How does one keep a cat out of their yard?

I’m open to ideas, really.  I’d love there to be a plant I could easily plant to simply repel the cat.  I chased him with a stick today.  I wasn’t actually going to beat him with it, that seems violent, I just wanted to scare him.  Maybe if I scare him enough, he will stay away.  Guess I’ll start keeping a full-time watch.  Anybody feel like taking the night shift?


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