Books Books Books…

Today is library day.  I used to take Son to the library once a week, but then life got crazy, and we’d been unable to go for a while.  We started back up last week, and I plan to continue going once a week at least until the library moves next year, or, heaven help me, I get a job!

Son loves going to the library.  He used to be really difficult, but now that he’s two, he really just wants to play on the computer in the children’s area – he calls it “working.”  What I love about the library is that I can get books and DVDs for free.

We go through a lot of books in this house, a lot.  And of course we only allow “high” writing through our doors.  Works such as Curious George, Maizy, and my personal favorite at the moment – Robot Zot.  Son loves to read, or be read to, and the library keeps it from getting expensive, which with his ravenous appetite for books, we could be in the poor house by the end of the month if we had to buy our own books.

If you like books, then I highly suggest the local library.  You may be surprised what they have to offer.  Heck, ours has current movies, not just strange educational videos from the 80s, that you can rent for 7 days at a time for free! You can’t really beat that.


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