Last week, Husband had me make a recipe from one of his Men’s Health books.  The recipe called for 8 ribs, and only one of them was a serving.  So I have an abundance of pork ribs in my fridge just taking up space.  I’m not the kind to eat something once, and then let it rot in the fridge.  No.  I’m the kind who takes whatever the left overs are, and turns them into something new.  Sunday I took one rib, and made a lomein sort of stir-fry with it.  Tonight I’m making gyros.  The thing is, I don’t have any pita bread, but I do have a large “flat bread” book, and in the interest of saving money, and the planet, I’m going to make them.

I’ve never made pita bread before.  I don’t have a Greek bone in my body, I’m mostly Polish, and to tell the truth, I didn’t even like pita bread when I was a kid.  It was always stale and dry.  Thats what you get with grocery store pita bread, I guess.

I have to make humus and tziki as well, and I’ve never made those either.

So, wish me luck.  This will be a messy dinner with many appliances and dishes dirtied.  Good thing we have the “I cooked, you clean” rule!



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2 responses to “Leftovers…

  1. Make sure to use thick (homemade) or Greek style yogurt. Also, lots of garlic. To the point it is spicy..

    The first time i had tziki it was a revelation. But i have been spoiled/dissapointed most times since. As that first time was made by a Greek for a house party.

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