I Have a Confession…

I have a wedding to go to this weekend; that one I made the ribbon bouquet for.  The wedding is four hours away from my house, so Husband and I will be staying in a hotel.  My confession is this…

When I sleep in a hotel, I like to turn the A/C down to 68 at night.  I like it cold cold cold when I sleep.  I also tend to use more towels than I would at home.

I know, its a major confession.  I know it’s incredibly wasteful to do these things.  At home, we are adapting to keep our A/C at 75, and we use one towel a week.  But we have to pay for the A/C and laundry at home.  There’s something about not getting a bill for the A/C, or paying per towel used in a hotel that makes me go crazy.  This is my only hotel-related vice.  I don’t trash the hotel room, and you wan’t find any sharks left behind.  I just thought I’d better confess.



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2 responses to “I Have a Confession…

  1. Ha, me too. I usually don’t even like AC but boy i luxe it up when in a hotel..

  2. Donna

    I too go a limited amount of crazy in hotels – but in the opposite direction, and only in winter: I turn the thermostat up to 75 and hang around in my underwear. Considering I spend the entire winter in two layers of fleece, and only 2-3 nights a year in a hotel room, I don’t feel badly about it.

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