In Other News…

Another friend sent me this article about roundup resistant weeds.  I have a lot of literate friends… Anyway, remember a few weeks ago when we discussed Monsanto, and it’s merry band genetically modified plants?  Well it seems their tinkering has backfired, and now there are Roundup Resistant weeds.  I wonder if they will try to patent that?

What I found even more interesting is that previously that very week, some else started talking about this “miracle grain.”  It was a sort of grain that I’d never even heard of, let alone eaten or seen in stores.  Its called Amaranth, and according to Wikipedia, is better for us than any other grain out there.  It also grows in every type of soil.  This “super-food” is known as pigweed, in the U.S., and is one of those Roundup Resistant plants mentioned in the New York Times article.

I couldn’t believe the coincidence of both those articles showing up from unconnected people, and having so much to do with one another.  Really, I just thought I’d point it out to all of you, so you could ponder it as well.


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  1. My mom use to by some cereal made from amaranth at the local health food store when i was a kid. It was a crunchier/coarser grain. But if remember correctly pretty darn tasty. At least to a kid of about 10.

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