We’re Actually Getting Somewhere!

A friend of mine turned me on to this article about high fructose corn syrup. Since not everyone who reads this blog is friends with said friend, I thought I’d share the delight here; I felt it was that important.

The article talks about consumers questions about HFCS, and it lightly touches on whether or not these questions and fears are founded, but I felt the most important part of the article was the part where certainly companies are deciding to remove HFCS from their products, and revert back to sugar.  I feel like, for the first time in ages, the consumer voice is being heard, and responded to.  This is huge! Even if you don’t have an issue with HFCS, you have to at least recognize the consumer victory.

If we, as consumers, can convince a large corporation to replace HFCS with the more expensive sugar, without scientific evidence or governmental regulations, and in some cases, even at their own expense, then I have hope for the rest of our food, foods where we do have scientific evidence to back our claims. Even better, we can do it without government regulations, which probably is faster, and saves our tax dollars for something we can’t change on our own.

Don’t get me wrong, voting with the pocketbook is never easy.  We will either have to do without, or spend with companies who actually listen to us – which may cost more.  In the end, though, I think it will be worth it.  We will be in control again, which is really what capitalism is all about, right?


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