Fun Friday Quickie…

In honour of the fact that Sunday is Mother’s Day, here are a few quick ideas to make your mom smile, without destroying her planet, or your wallet.

  1. Use Skype to give her a call.  You are already paying for the internet, and Skype is a free video calling site.  Really.  I saw it on Oprah; she uses it all the time.  Just think of it like the Jetsons, and tell your mom that Oprah does it.
  2. Make her a card.  I’m sure there is enough paper and such around your house to make a card, you just haven’t considered it, yet.  That’s what I’m here for; no need to thank me.  Just relive your childhood, and remind your mom what a creative person you are.  You’ll be saving money, and recycling!  Just be sure to send it to her.  Oh.  Wait.  Guess it’s a bit late for that one.  Shame on you; you should have sent that card out by at least Tuesday!
  3. Take her some flowers, from the side of the road.  I don’t care what they say, all women like to receive flowers.  Wildflowers are are beautiful, thoughtful, and free way to say “I love you.”  Just don’t pick all of them in one place, or you will be the soul reason they never, ever, come back.
  4. Take her dinner.  Dress up some of your leftovers, and take them to Mom.  You don’t have to tell her they’re your leftovers – she won’t like what that implies, but she’ll love that you made her a nice, thoughtful, meal!

Happy Weekend!


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