And the Beef…

When I was at the market, I didn’t just by chicken.  This is Texas afterall, and I’m a good Texas Girl, so I bought beef.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to just buy a large hunk of beef, and then grind what I wanted into hamburger, or just buy two different kinds of beef.  In the end, it was answered by fate; the stall was out of ground beef.  Ok.  So I just bought a nice chuck roast. A nice large chuck roast.

I carved parts of it for kabobs, used part as an actual roast, and ground the rest.  It may sound strange, but I think I love grinding meat.  It makes me feel like an old-fashioned super-woman, an experienced chef, and a kid – its a bit like playing with playdoh.  Don’t ask why I get these feelings, its just how my mind works; call me a dreamer.  And Son likes to help too.

Ahhh, there’s not much better than getting the family together in the kitchen…

But really, the best thing about grinding your own meat, other than the sheer fun of it, is that you can save a good bit of money.  Cost per pound is higher on ground chuck than on whole chuck simply because the labor involved – much like that whole chicken we talked about yesterday.  Another reason is that you can control how much fat you want, or need, in the meat, and you can control how clean you want to be about it.  It is harder for the insides of a hunk of meat to get contaminated with germs and bacteria than it is for ground meats – its a surface area thing.

And in the end, you can take that hunk of beef, and grind it into burgers!  Bon Appetite!


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