So About That Market Meat…

First, let me say I am sorry for not being here yesterday; I’m sure it through your whole day off.  I was just very busy with errands.  Please forgive me.

Now, about that meat.  I’ll start with the chicken.  As I mentioned earlier, I bought a whole chicken at the market because it was over half the price per pound less of the boneless skinless chicken breast, and I like the dark thigh meat anyway.

I have only tried to cut up a whole bird a few times, and always failed miserably.  So this time, I found some instructional videos online, and took notes.  Then, I went to task.

It was a messy job, but in the end, I had two legs, two boneless skinless breasts, two wings, and scraps to make stock with.  I was quite pleased with myself.  Sure, it took me 30 minutes, but at least I didn’t butcher it, or well, I guess I did, but I didn’t mangle it.  Yeah, I didn’t mangle the chicken.  See….

(caution, image below is minorly graphic.)

Then I turned it from the above, to the below.  Much prettier.

I froze the breasts, wings, and scraps for later use.

In the end, eating the legs was less pleasant than I expected.  I guess I’ve never had real chicken, only your typical store-bought commercially produced chicken.  You aren’t going to believe this, but chicken actually doesn’t taste like chicken at all.  I mean, I suppose it does taste like chicken, but not like the chicken that tastes like everything else.  Chicken, I mean REAL chicken, tastes like it smells, and it smells like meat, like animal.  I almost couldn’t stomach it, to be honest.  Maybe it was because I had just cut it all up, and though I have never had an issue with touch and slicing meats before, I have noticed that these organic, real meats with switched over to have a smell that store bought meats do not.  No, they’re aren’t spoiled or anything, they just smell like animal.  It definitely puts you closer to what you’re eating, and it is something that I will have to get used to.

Last night, we grilled the breasts.  Since it had been a week since I carved the bird, I was looking forward to see if the previous turn-off had been in my head.  The meat still tasted stronger than store-bought, but wasn’t nearly as strong as it seemed when I made the thighs.

I’ll try the chicken again once the market has some – they were out last week! – and we will see if the psycho-animal to plate- thing still hangs me up.  I’ll keep you updated.


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