Fun Friday Quickie…

Today, I thought I’d continue my bit on cleaning, and do my list accordingly.  So without further adue, I give you your Friday List to save your wallet and your planet…

  1. Make your own cleaner.  A simple solution of vinegar and water can do the trick, although, you may be left with a place smelling like Helga’s Haus.
  2. Use rags to wipe things down with instead of paper towels.  Sure, you’ll have more laundry this way, but think of all the trees you’ll be saving!
  3. If you have a particularly difficult spot, try sprinkling salt on it.  Salt works like an abrasive, and won’t melt and get sticking like sugar.  Besides, what else is table salt good for?  Certainly not cooking.
  4. If none of these ideas appeal to you, you could just go rogue and not clean at all.  You’d be saving the planet, money, and your time.  You may lose any potential for house guests, but guests can overstay their welcome, and now you won’t have to worry about that awkward shuffling when you want them to leave, but don’t want to be rude.

Happy Weekend!



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2 responses to “Fun Friday Quickie…

  1. namhenderson

    What exactly did you mean by this Besides, what else is table salt good for? Certainly not cooking.? Are you on a low/no salt diet? Or do you just not use table salt for cooking?

    • No, I am not on a low-sodium kick. Too the contrary, I love salt; I just don’t love table salt. Table salt cannot season evenly, or as effectively as kosher salt. This is do mostly to the shape differences. Tablesalt is cubuler, while kosher is flat and flake-like. The flat shape allows it to stick to food, and to your tongue where it matters most. There are also differences in the “seasoning-arc” made by how the salt is applied. I could go on, but this reply is post-like already. So, no, I use table salt for baking (because that’s what the recipe writers used, and the measurement would be off) and to scrub my cast iron since they only get washed once a year. Maybe I should do a whole post on that.

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