A Beautiful Reuse…

My step-brother is getting married in a few weeks, and I attended his fiancé’s bridal shower a week, or so, ago.  Superstition states that the number of ribbons and bows ripped, torn, cut, or otherwise broken, is the number of children you will have with the first year of marriage – or something like that.  I may not be too clear on the details, but Son is proof that superstitions may not always be untrue.  Given this information, Fiancé was very careful not to destroy even one ribbon or bow.

Tradition also says that these ribbons and bows should be used as a bouquet for the rehearsal ceremony.  I guess it makes sense, really.  Since in the South, or at least Texas, the Bride is only supposed to walk the aisle once, she is to select someone not in the wedding party to rehearse for her.  And I guess, if the Bride is not actually walking, the ribbon bouquet would let people know just who is the Stand-In, and who are just maids and groomsmen.  I don’t have any research to back up my claims, but I don’t have any proof the other way, either.

So, since I am unemployed, and have bit of lack in my creativity outlets, I took all the perfectly sound ribbons and bows, and made Fiancé’s Rehearsal Bouquet.  I was sure to use every ribbon and bow, and didn’t cut a single one.  I only added hot glue and a few pipe-cleaners, and about an hour and a half of labour.  Now, she may choose to toss it out later, but for now, it’s safe from the landfill, and I feel happy about it.



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2 responses to “A Beautiful Reuse…

  1. caedwin

    What a lovely creation! I’m sure she will like it and the stand-in (whomever she is) will enjoy carrying it as well.

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