What Are They Thinking?!

The whole world is looking to “green” itself, and Kleenex pulls a total Hardy’s/Carl’s Jr, and begins marketing single use “hand towels.”  What are they thinking?  We are trying to reduce our waste, and since many of us are still in the recession-rut, we are trying to reduce our spending as well.  So why would anyone start paying hard-earned money for something they would simply toss after each use, when they most likely have a perfectly good, washable and reusable towel already?

I get what Kleenex is doing.  Based on their advertisements for this product, they’re banking on our fear of germs.  Their adds all finish with the new slogan, “your hands are only as clean as the towel you dry them on.”  Based on this, it does seem strange that they release the product after the swine-flu scare, and right before summer, but I digress.  It has long come to our attention that all of our shying away from germs is actually making us sicker by lowering our antibodies, and creating super-strains of bacteria and diseases that we can’t handle even if we have every antibody on the planet.

So is this new Kleenex gamble really that great of an idea?  They didn’t ask me, and they sure seem excited about it, but I think it’s a total backwards direction to go.  I can’t help shaking my head every time I see the commercial.  Mhm mhm mhm.


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  1. Donna

    Well, I agree on on the environmental aspect but! I always put out paper hand towels when I have a party at my house. I don’t, as a guest, want to wipe my hands on the same towel 20 people before me have used, and I definitely don’t want my guests to have to do so! I see it as being a gracious host.

    But single use towels for a family is just silly and wasteful. If you’re that worried about germs, you give every family member their own cloth towel, and theoretically if you only use it to dry CLEAN hands it won’t harbor germs, right?

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