Fun Friday Quickie…

Sorry, I’m late.  Picasso decided he didn’t like how my couch looked, and took it upon himself to “fix” it with blue marker.  Guess he’s still in his blue period.  Thank God for washable markers!

Anyway, back to task.  This week was mostly all about laundry, so here are some fun, free ideas to help you save money, and the planet, in that department.

  1. Use the right amount of detergent.  This will keep you from polluting the environment with extra suds, save your wallet, and maybe even save your machine.
  2. Find multiple uses for that detergent.  I use mine to mop my floors.  I save money, and landfill space!
  3. Use a clothes line.  Drying your clothes outside saves energy, lots of energy.  It also gives you a second chance to get any stains out of your clothes since the dryer sets the stains permanently.  Sorry, I have a two year old.  And a Husband.  And I’m a bit clumsy myself.
  4. Go naked.  If you don’t wear any clothes, then you won’t have to wash or dry them.  It really is a win-win.

Happy Weekend!


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