I Heard the News Today, Oh Boy!

Ok, so it was really yesterday, but it’s what I heard that is important.  Remember a while back when I posted about the Florida Python Problem?  Well, it turns out, you weren’t the only ones reading it.  It seems the powers-that-be in the Florida capital were also paying attention, and decided to act.

Florida has opened Python Season.  Now, for those of you not familiar with hunting lingo, a “season” is an aloud time of the year when you may hunt what ever that season’s namesake is.  There are rules to follow, so you can’t go all Tugg Speedman on Nature.  No, you have to get a hunting licence, and then, to hunt Python, you have to get a special Python-permit: a twenty six dollar permit.

Maybe this was part of the problem.  It seems that the inaugural Python season was a bust.  Nobody got anything.  This seems odd to me since I saw tons while watching the film about how out of control they are.  Maybe the scientist who were hunting them, for science, have a different tactic than those hunters who typically hunt things like turkey and deer.  I don’t think you can just sit in a tree stand, drink beer, and hold your shotgun, and hope to get a giant anaconda.  No, I think you need to maybe tip toe around, or set a trap?  Maybe find a nest, and wait there.  I’m not a hunter.  But don’t fret if you missed your chance at Python Glory.  Since the first season was so bad, Florida officials are opening a second season.  You have another shot at getting those snake-skin boots.  Which makes me wonder….

Would it be best to hunt python while clothed head to toe in snakeskin?  Say, some snake skin pants, shoes, and a nice python-print blouse.  Oh how fashionable you’d be!

Sorry.  Just the same.  If you have any desires to make it rich in the fashion world, Florida may be your place to start.  And thank you Florida for reading my humble blog, and taking my suggestions.  I’m glad to have helped.


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