Hey! That Was My Idea…

So, while I was tripping around the internets the other day, I stumbled across this –  another blog about saving money and being green. I couldn’t believe it.  He talks about how saving money and being green are nearly synonymous.  That was my idea.  I came up with it first, and I want my royalties, Mr. Yeager.   Ok, so what if his blog is obviously bigger, and older than mine.  I really did think I was onto something people hadn’t fully realized yet.

Yesterday, I had more hits to this blog than ever before – 52 to be exact, and now I’m sending everyone to a bigger and better site.  I suppose it could be considered unwise to send my readers to his place; they may not come back, but I’m all for sharing the love – and money saving tips!

Just so you know, I will melt into a puddle of miserably pathetic tears if no one returns to me.  Maybe I should strike this whole post.


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