Another Favorite Thing About Summer…

I realize that it’s no where near summer in many parts of the country, but here in Texas, Spring is only Spring because of the calendar, and large amounts of rain.  As soon as Easter passes, out come the sandals, shorts, and sun dresses.  The temps climb to the low 80’s, and sometimes even higher.  Since it’s so nice out, I open my windows.  To keep it cooler in my house, I hang all my laundry outside to dry.

I started hanging the clothes outside about 2 years ago.  Son had just been born, and our A/C wasn’t cooling properly.  We were trying to save money, so I tried to move all the high-heat activities to either early morning, later in the day, or just outside.  We also started eating supper in the living room at a card table, but thats another story.  I really thought that moving the laundry drying process outside would extend my laundry time; I figured that there must be a reason why nobody does it anymore.  Instead, I have found nothing but bonuses; so much so, that I look forward to “hanging laundry outside weather” all winter long.

Bonus number one? Well, the obvious savings in energy and money.  I don’t have to pay to turn the drum in the dryer, heat the coil, or cool the house after the dryer warms up the house.  Instead, my clothes get dried for free outside.

Bonus number two? I get a bit of vitamin D, and a kiss of tan.  I know, I know, sun causes skin damage and cancer, but I’m not out there laying back and soaking in the rays.  No, I’m out there hanging up clothes on a clothes line, and I’m not out there for long.

Bonus number three? The laundry actually gets done more quickly, my laundry day has been cut in half.  Believe it or not, but it’s true, especially in high summer.  Come July and August, the clothes can actually be dry by the time I get the last ones hung on the line.  Even better, to save space and time, I go ahead and hang my shirts and pants on their hangers before I hang them on the line.  Once they’re dry, I just slide all the hangers together in the order they are hung up in – yes I’m the kind of anal that has a hanging order in her closet – and transfer them directly to the closet.  Before I hang the socks up, I go ahead and pair them.  When they’re dry, I just pull them off and fold them right on the spot.

Husband hates this time of year, or at least he hates his clothes being hung outside.  Sure, he loves the money and energy savings, but he hates the rough crunchy towels and stiff pants.  I for one, love the stiff plants – it’s like they’ve been pressed and starched.  So crisp and clean.  And everything smells like warm cotton.  Mmmmm.


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