Just Call Me Mary…

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells, and cockle shells,

And pretty little maids all in a row.

Well, maybe not with silver bells, or cockle shells, but the maids would be nice.  What is a cockle shell, anyway?  No matter.  I did plant a garden, though.  My first, to be exact.  I meant to only plant three tomato plants that my mother gave me, but when I got to Home Depot to buy a hoe and some garden soil, I got taken.  I swear, it wasn’t my fault.  The Home Depot did some sort of dirty magic on me because I came out with not only a hoe and some dirt, but 9 zucchini plants, two okra plants, and two mild jalapeño plants, oh, and a pretty new pot I just have to have so I could plant the thyme that I just had to have.  Plus, I arrived home with gloves, a spade, and a garden fork.  I swear, there’s something fishy there.

What was supposed to be a simple dig a hole and stick a plant in it job turned into a whole afternoon affair.  Now let me just say that I am what I would call a laissez-faire gardener, as evidenced by the fact that I dug up my yard while wearing $12, thin soled sandals.  What, its not like I was going to wear my Le Boutons.  Sorry, just dreaming for a moment.  In any case, what I mean is that I’m very much a do it, and let it go kind of person.  I didn’t really plan any of it much.  I still really hope it all works out, but if it doesn’t, I’m not out much money, just a lot of back labor.

See, I am blessed with great soil in my yard.  Great for ruining foundations of houses.  Great for making clay balls, as Son likes to do.  Great for making ceramics – maybe – I’ve never really tried, though.  Thing is, the black clay under the grass in my back yard is terrible for digging, hoeing, and anything else related to gardening.  I suppose I could’ve gone with raised beds; they are all the rage, but what if the garden didn’t work out.  Then I’d be out money, labor, and have to tear it all down to get my grass back.  No thanks.  That’s more investment than I’m willing to give.  So I dug up all the grass in a 25-36 sq ft area.  Being how earth friendly and green I am, I reused the grass.

My dad is the kind of guy that creates projects out of nothing when he’s bored, and he gets bored a lot.  I think he likes to dig as well, cause he’s always digging up grass, leveling yards, ect.  Just a funny quirk he has, I guess.  But he taught me something valuable in all this.  When you have to remove the grass from an area, do it in strips, and re-lay it where ever you need new grass or have a pesky hole thats dangerous for wheels and ankles alike.  That’s what I did.  Sure, its more work than just renting a tiller, and going to town, but it’s free sod!  Besides, I don’t think a tiller would work that well in black clay anyway.

So in a few months, I will have free food, from my own back yard, if I’m lucky, and I will have grass in the back corner of my yard, where none was before.  Go, Me!

And if by chance I have a bumper crop, I’ll sent some to you!



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3 responses to “Just Call Me Mary…

  1. namhenderson

    i was hoping you would make a comment about the goats 😮

  2. Barbara Reed

    I too have a garden. It is behind our garage and we had lettuce on our sandwich today from the garden. Planted lettuce seeds, 6 tomato, 6 bellpepper, radishes seeds, green beans seeds & spinach seeds.

    For the last 5 years we have planted tomato plants & bellpeppers, this is the first year for all the seeds. They are all doing so well.

    Just a note, you can freeze bellpeppers. Just chop them up and put in a plastic bag. Great for recipes requiring bellpepper.

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