Chalk One Up for Irving…

Whether you like the Dallas Cowboys or not, I’m sure you have at least heard of Texas Stadium.  I am told it’s a bit iconic.  Its large concrete dome dominating many NFL images for years.  Honestly, I thought it was ugly from a design standpoint, but I wasn’t around when it was new, and maybe I’m missing something.  But, its reign is no more.  After Jerry Jones moved the Cowboys to Arlington, and built Jerry-World, the Stadium has sat empty.  Sure, it was host to the American Idol auditions, but it hasn’t hosted much else.  Last Sunday, it was demolished.

For the next several years, it will be a staging ground for TxDot as they build new roads and over passes in the area.  Then it will turn into the typical mixed use development going up all over the place here – condos, apartments, stores, restaurants, ect, all in the same place, with a nice park – a little “city.”  But it’s what is happening right now that is impressive.  They are recycling all the rubble.

The concrete from Texas Stadium will be recycled to build those new roads and over passes that TxDot will be staging for.  I really don’t know about the other stuff in the rubble, but it seems that recycling the steal re-bar would be monetarily beneficial.  I’m just impressed they are recycling any of it.

You can watch the demo in action here. The video is a bit suspenseful, just so you know.


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