Way to Go, My Fair City…

For the last several months, the city I live in has been tearing up concrete, pulling out nice sized trees, and putting up awful orange construction barrels.  Yes, I live in one of America’s fastest growing cities, and they are having to widen the four lane highway into a sixer to accommodate all the people.  It’s a mess, and as all construction, it sucks; I avoid it at all cost.  I was upset that they were pulling out all the trees.  They were live oak mostly, but I think there were a couple magnolias.  I was told a few years ago that a tree in my own back yard was terminally ill, and I should get a new one to replace it, but they’re expensive.  I thought about asking if I could just have one of those trees the city removed, but I was too shy to just ask a worker, and didn’t know who to ask up high.  But it’s all going to be OK.

A week ago, I was at the big park, in town, with a friend.  There were signs posted everywhere that the park would be closed from April 5 until August for renovations.  It seemed odd to close the park all summer, and I didn’t remember voting on any bond projects, so I was very curious.  I turned to the world wide web – it knows everything, you know.  Actually, I wonder if you can use the internet as your “phone a friend” on Millionaire.  Hmmmm.

So I found the project online.  They are adding concessions, ball fields, and parking.  They aren’t actually improving the playground, but that’s OK.  Why?  Well, you remember those trees I mentioned earlier?  You won’t believe this, but the city, an actual government entity, is actually doing something green, and cost-effective.  They are replanting all those trees in the new park expansion!  I couldn’t be more proud of them.

Actually, I think I may have clapped out loud.  Yay!


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