Another Fun Friday Quickie…

And a good Friday morning to you!  I am operating on little sleep do to a sleep-war with my son, but I feel I may have made some headway last night in my campaign.  Hoorah!  So, without further adieu, I give you another Fun Friday Quickie.

  1. Hibernate.  Sleeping is good for the environment.  It occupies you for a while – 8-9 hours if you’re healthy, and lucky, and it’s free.  It takes no energy on the part of your electricity, no water, and no consumption.  Even better, it creates no waste.  Sure, you’ll have to get up and wash your sheets eventually, but if you aren’t awake, you’ll never even realize you’ve been rolling around in your own dust for days.  Bears do it.
  2. Recycling is fun.  Recycling is good for the planet.  Recycling is good for your wallet.  Recycle your used bedding into curtains.  People use sheets all the time for curtains.  You can block out the sun, so you can sleep longer, and you won’t have to wash your sheets after all.  Just think of all that water and energy you’ll save.  Bears do it.
  3. Skip your showers.  You’re just going to climb back into the dirty sheets again anyway.  And you can save water, and you won’t have to heat your bathroom.  Just think of all the time you will save, too.  Time best used for sleeping.  Bears do it.
  4. Turn off your computers and phones.  Think again of all the electricity you’ll be saving.  And besides, all that connectivity will inevitably interrupt your nap anyway.  You’ll be just about to kiss the prince in your dreams, and bebumbobum, you’ll get a text or a facebook update from a long lost friend wondering just where you are.  Friends may not understand that you’re hibernating.  Just tell them…

    Bears do it!

Happy Weekend!


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One response to “Another Fun Friday Quickie…

  1. namhenderson

    In a similar vein is just to not get up out of bed

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