They Should Give Me a Show…

As I have mentioned, I am unemployed.  While I am trying to fix that, I am currently poor.  It means I save money where I can, and I do without some of the finer things in life.  You won’t see me sporting a new Coach bag or Louboutin shoes, but I still have needs! I’m a designer by nature, and by nature, am always trying to improve my world around me.  I simply had to find a way to redo my guestroom.  People would come over and sleep on an old daybed, in a white room, that, more often than not, contained left over boxes and other miscellaneous odds and ends.  It was sad.

But what was I to do?  I don’t have a job, don’t have a paycheck, and that money tree I planted last year still hasn’t sprouted.  So…….

I sold the daybed, and its mattresses and bedding to my mother.  She has tons of rooms in her house, and needed an extra bed, or two.  I needed the money.  And then I went to Ikea.

I wanted the room to be relaxing, but bold.  I wanted it to say “Welcome, you are royalty while you stay with us; this is your sanctuary,” without it being overly baring, or uptight.  I also needed the room to function as storage and craft-type room when guest weren’t here.  Here is what I did.

The Before

As you can see, it was pretty dull.  The peach colored trim came with the house – um, lets just say the previous owners had some odd tastes in paint – you should see my kitchen.

And behold, the After

So let me break it down.  I sold the my old bed for 700 dollars – it came with a lot of stuff – and vowed to only spend that much.  I bought some paint, but used old paint I already had for the trim and picture frames.  I bought the bed, mattress, box springs, grey curtains, lamps and storage containers at Ikea all for about 500 bucks, and they threw in breakfast for free when we went.  I must have pull or something.  I bought the shear curtain, curtain rods, bedding, shelves, and night table at Target.  Ok, the night table was a bit of a splurge at 80 dollars, but I couldn’t help it.  The dresser was given to us a year or two ago for free.  The mirror actually came with the house; there were two of them, presumably from the bathrooms.  The plates were my grandmothers.  I got the frames, all three of them for less than 50 dollars at Hobby Lobby out of the “scratched and damaged” bin, plus they were having a sale.  The frames were different blacks, but once painted, you can’t even tell.  Husband did have to cut down the frame for the mirror, though.  And that shelf right above the dresser?  Its a bathroom shelf we bought for the bathroom years ago, but never used.  As for the decor, the guitars are mine and Husband’s, the yellow flowers and container are remnants of our wedding, and those little jars and such were just things we had lying around.

In the end, I am more than pleased with the room, and am so excited that I met such an amazing challenge.  Its not everyday you can successfully redesign a complete room for $700.00!


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  1. namhenderson

    wow for only 700 huh.. Makes me even more impressed

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