When I was a kid, Easter was fun.  We got new dresses and shoes, and got to wear self-decorated hats to church.  The Easter bunny came, filling our basket with little things like bookmarks, pencils, a stuffed animal, chocolate, and plastic grass.  And of course, there were Easter eggs to find.  My dad was the best egg hider, he even kept us out of the house for a whole afternoon one year on an easter egg scavenger hunt; there were clues, and spare change – it was a blast!  But Easter isn’t like that anymore.  You can see this the second you step into Walmart.

Our Wal Mart had aisle after aisle of $1-$6 junk, candy, baskets, grasses, ect.  Easter has become as much commercialized as every other holiday we have.  Oriental Trading has even taken over the day with bunny sack races, various toss games, and golden egg trophies.  I know, I had to participate in some of them yesterday.  And as with any commercialization of a holiday, it has become over run with wrappings, packaging, and plastics.  Sure, they have shredded paper grasses you can use instead of the plastic stuff, and you can save and reuse the grass, baskets, and even those plastic eggs, but what about the rest?  What about those little plastic toys that only cost a dollar at the store, but since they only last a day or two, cost our landfills millions of years?  What about all the candy wrappers?  What about the cellophane?

I’ll admit, this year even this Easter bunny went a bit over board.  It was the first year that Son actually could really participate, and did he ever.  My little two year old hunted more eggs than anybody else at that crazy even I mentioned earlier – 23 to be exact, and then more when the big kids went out.  So yes, this year I bought him some plastic boats, and a plane, but also a book and pencils.  I skipped the grass, though, and put a single jelly bean in every egg instead of individually wrapped candies.  I was able to save money this way; a bag of jelly belly’s only cost a buck fifty, and I’ve got nearly a whole bag left.  And those toys will last a bit longer than a day, I give them at least a month.

Next year, I will try to be a better steward, and not go so crazy.  I will try to keep the waste and money in mind.  At least I won’t have to buy any Easter eggs!


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