Fun Friday Quickie…

I asked, on Wednesday, for you guys to come up with ideas for quickie list.  I have compiled the few responses below – with a few comments, of course.

  • Save all your larger clear plastic jugs/jars for use in the garden to cover plants in case of cold weather.  It also helps to keep the wind and pesky rabbits from damaging the plants.
  • Use old half-gallon milk cartons, cut off the very tops (the pointed part),wash them out really well, then cut down the sides about 2 or 3 inches and use them and use them to keep cut up chicken; or use them for freezing strawberries, peaches, black berries, etc.  Simply fold over the tops, tape them really well with freezer tape, label them and you’ll have nice neat bundles to put in the freezer.

Actually, I know someone who has so many plastic jugs she could float her house in a flood.  I am not kidding.  It’s kinda sad, really, but at least they aren’t in a land fill!

  • Cut the ends off of large tin cans.  Put them around young tomato plants, pushing them into the soil and then will fill them with about an inch or 2 of water.  The can keeps the water where you want  it to water the plants and keeps the rabbits from eating her young plants.
  • If you save used egg cartons, you can either use them to hold more eggs, bought fresh from farmers, or you can use them to start seeds for your garden.

My favorite use for old egg cartons is making caterpillars.  We did this in grade school.  Just cut the carton in half, turn it over, and decorate!  Ok, maybe that’s a bit young for most of us, but its still fun.

Happy weekend, and thanks for your ideas.


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