Goodbye, Heater…

Since Spring has finally sprung, our money, and Earth, saving season really gets under way.  It starts with open windows.  I love leaving the windows open.  I love how an aired out house smells.  And I really love how opening the windows keeps that house cool for free!  I’ll touch more on that tomorrow, now that I think about it.

Second, once it is no longer raining, I start hanging the laundry to dry outside.  I absolutely love this.  Why?  Because the clothes dry faster outside on the line, at least here in Texas, in the summer.  I’m talking it cuts my laundry time in half!  I suppose I will come back to this in a few weeks as well.

Third, entertainment.  Free entertainment.  When its lovely outside, Son can go out and play in the back yard.  He loves that sand box, and it keeps him occupied for thirty minutes at a time, at least!  Thats thirty minutes of time that I can actually get something accomplished.  Oh, I check on him often, so its not the most productive thirty minutes, but its a heck of a lot more productive than thirty minutes with a two year old under foot.

I’m so glad winter is over, and I’m looking forward to sunnier days; although, this being Texas, there really is no guarantee that it won’t snow one more time.


There are just two days left to submit ideas for the Fun Friday Quickie list.  Keep em’ coming!


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