Actually, I Got Nothin’..

I don’t know if I’ve just been too busy, or if I’ve exhausted all of my knowledge, but I’ve run out of ideas to post about.  Sure, I could just write about what is going on in my world, but I don’t know that you want to read that.  I started this blog with a purpose, to show that being green, and saving money, really do go hand in hand, and are quite easy.

Since I’m drawing a blank, I’m going to offer the show to you.  Between now and Friday, I am asking that you send in your Fun Friday Ideas – quick things that will work to save money and the planet, but may not actually be sensical – like hitchhiking, and mooching off a friend.  I will compile them all together, and that will be the Fun Friday Quickie this week.

Please, guys, do better than the contest I had for renaming Global Warming.  I only had one entry.

Good luck to you all, and I will scour the internets to find something worth posting for tomorrow.  I promise.



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2 responses to “Actually, I Got Nothin’..

  1. caedwin

    Here’s a couple of ideas, but i’m not sure if one of them is completely safe. I save all my larger clear plastic jugs/jars for use in my garden to cover my plants in case of cold weather. It also helps to keep the wind and pesky rabbits from damaging the plants. I have a friend you uses large tin cans with both ends cut out for a similar purpose. She put them around her young tomato plants, pushing them into the soil and then will fill them with about an inch or 2 of water. The can keeps the water where she wants it to water the plants and keeps the rabbits from eating her young plants.

    My grandmother would save her old half-gallon milk cartons, cut off the very tops (the pointed part),wash them out really well, then cut down the sides about 2 or 3 inches and use them and use them to keep cut up chicken; she also used them for freezing strawberries, peaches, black berries, etc. She’d then fold over the tops, tape them really well with freezer tape, label them and then she had nice neat bundles to put in her freezer. I haven’t done that, but i know it worked well for her.

  2. donna

    Hm, I like that milk carton idea.

    I cut the end of every tube of toothpaste, moisturizer, antibiotic cream etc. and scrape the last bits out.

    Also, I save every egg carton I ever get. I still haven’t found a use for them – though in the summer when I get them from the farmer’s market I take the empties back.

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