What I learned Thursday and Friday…

Sorry I was gone Friday.  I went to fifth grade, and in all the excitement, just never found time to post.  Forgive me, please.

One of the things I noticed while observing the 4th and 5th grade classrooms, was how wasteful students can be.  Its sad, really.  When asked to write something down, they write two words, decide they don’t like it, and crumple up the paper, and stuff it into their desks.  Or, when given a project and construction paper, glue numerous, full sheets, on top of one another for no apparent purpose other than to use the paper.

I understand that children are young, short-sighted, and that they tend to just not know any better, but I wonder if we shouldn’t start teaching these young minds about the value of conservation.  I know there are television shows that try to teach children how to be green, but nothing is as influential as a beloved teacher.  Maybe we should broach this subject more often than just Earth Day.

I hope that once I have a classroom, whatever the grade level, that I can instill a sense of conservation, both earthly and monetary, into my students.  And hey, who knows, if we can teach our students not to waste so much, then maybe we will not need to spend so much, and our school taxes will go down, saving us even more!


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  1. caedwin

    You raise a very valid point. So, when you start your teaching career, remember that you can influence your students by setting good examples in how to not be wasteful with consumable items or with money.

    keep up the good work!

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