I Saw It In the News…

I can’t prove it, and I haven’t done any research yet to try and prove it, but I saw it in the news.

A man, or team of men, here in Texas has developed a way to turn coal into gasoline.  Real Gasoline.  I know the idea is to wean ourselves from fossil fuels, but weaning has to take place gradually, and with this new technology, we can immediately cut ties with OIL, and all that entails, but still have our cars and other gas powered things.  I remember he said that coal is incredibly cheap, and that he can make gas for a fraction of the price of oil now, and do it all domestically.

Has anybody else read this, or seen this?  I think its a fascinating idea.  I suppose I should look for more info, but at the moment my plate is kinda full.


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One response to “I Saw It In the News…

  1. namhenderson

    Actually this isn’t new. The Nazis were doing it as far back as WW II.

    For more info;

    It is a great idea for limiting our dependence on foreign oil. But has huge problems with regards to CO2 into atmosphere and the subsequent effects on climate.

    However, if we can make carbon sequestration more efficient and cost effective than it is a great idea, because we get achieve the independence from foreign oil and not fuck up the environment.

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