A Fun Friday Quickie…

Just another quick list to help you save the planet…

  1. Fast.  Really.  Your body can handle up to 40 days without food before it gives out, and think of the spiritual awakening you could have.  Not to mention the money, animals, and planet you’d save.
  2. Ride a bicycle.  If you took your bike everywhere instead of your car, you’d save tons of money of gas and tons of emissions you’d be keeping out of the air we breath.  You’d also start to look pretty svelte if you kept it up regularly.
  3. Go naked.  Think about it, if you wear fewer clothes, then you don’t have to wash them, saving you time, money, and water.  And if you’re already pretty sleek from all that bike riding, people will hardly even say anything, except for maybe oohlala!

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