You Won’t Believe What We Had for Dinner…

Last night, Husband called just as I was about to prepare dinner.  Since I hadn’t started anything yet, I posed two options to him – a mushroom pasta or a herbed-cheese and mixed greens sandwich.  He chose the sandwich!  I couldn’t believe it.  My husband, like most men, likes to eat manly foods, things like wings, nachos, pizza; I was quite surprised that he chose the sandwich.

So I took the bread I made at the beginning of the week, remember for the portaburgers, and buttered and toasted both sides.  Then I spread them with a garlic-herb cheese on one side, and piled them high with a salad of field greens mixed with olive oil and lemon juice.  As a side, I made homemade chips seasoned with salt and sage – makes them taste fancy.

So far, its been almost two weeks since we started our new eat-less-but-better-meat diet, and I haven’t felt like we’ve missed anything yet.  I’m also not feeling any different physically, but maybe that takes longer, or maybe I won’t at all.  I wonder if the planet has noticed a difference yet.


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