Another Fun Friday Quickie…

Tomorrow I am celebrating Texas Independence Day with brisket and sangria.  All this week I have railed upon what we eat, and how it effects the environment.  Seems only proper to do a Friday List about the same.

  1. Eat locally produced meat.  Everyone knows that you can’t have your pudding unless you eat your meat, how can you have pudding unless you eat your meat!  And chances are that locally produced meat will be grass-fed, and you’ll be helping out a farmer.  It’d be like your own personal Farm-Aid.
  2. Run away from soy.  Ok, you may not want to, but knowing that Monsanto has the market pretty well cornered, and what they do to the little man, do you really want to side with a bully?  Besides, I read that it can make you grow breast and worsen PMS.  Thats what we need, men with boobs, and PMS’d women raging because the men’s are bigger.
  3. Eat more vegetables.  They are yummy, and if you buy the stuff in season, you’ll be that much more connected to your surroundings, and in touch with mother nature.  Mothers like it when we’re in touch, you might want to call yours now.
  4. Eat more cheese.  I know I didn’t talk to much about it, but I have a friend who is starting a cheese farm – I think she called it a creamery.  In any case, cheese is tasty, and you should check out her blog.

Happy Weekend!


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