Grass-Fed Beef..

As I mentioned yesterday, we watched Food, Inc last Friday.  Saturday, we went to a local market and bought some grass-fed beef and lamb – sorry, lamb is just delicious.  We had never had grass-fed beef before, so I approached it a bit scientifically.  I assumed it would taste differently than corn-fed beef, but I didn’t know if it would be gamey or just beefier.

We bought a sirloin, because it was cheaper.  It was probably around a pound, 1.5″ thick, and had a bit of bone in it, nice marbling, and a thick, stiff, band of fat on one edge.  I pulled the meet out of the fridge 30 inutes before cooking time, and simply salted it liberally with kosher salt and black pepper – both sides.  When it comes to steak, I want to taste the beefiness, and in this case, I really wanted a simple backdrop for the grass-fed beef tasting.  Husband started the grill at this time as well.

I noticed at this time that the meat was a deeper color.  Not just redder, but also browner and more purple.  The edge of fat had a dryer, stiffer texture than corn-fed beef, which tends to be slimier.  The meat itself also felt stickier when compared to corn-fed beef.

30-45 minutes later -I got distracted by a two year old and some baked potatoes- Husband took the steak out to the fire.  We like our beef no more cooked than medium, so it was cooked in 10 minutes or so with a flipping after 7.  Then we let it rest for another 5-7 minutes – we just couldn’t wait any longer.

The taste?  It was good, but I noticed that it wasn’t consistent in flavour through-out.  Nearer the bone it did taste a bit gamey, but everywhere else, it simply tasted beefier, and was very tender.  I would say it tasted like a 30 dollar steak at a fine restaurant, or the chateau cut of the tenderloin.  Man, I can’t imagine how grass-fed Chateau would taste.  Oh, God!

This really was the deciding factor in Husband’s conclusion to only by grass-fed meats.  He figured he could cut meat out of 4 of 7 nightly meals if that meat was of higher quality.

I assume that cows from different regions will taste differently, just because they are eating different grasses, and we are after-all, what we eat.  So we will shop around a bit to find the best price to taste compromise.  For now, I will simply smile at the thought I something I get the pleasure of eating is also good for the environment.  Not much tastier than that!


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  1. Great post on grass-fed & finished beef and you’re right, flavor and texture will vary depending on where the cattle are raised. You might also ask the farmers or other purveyors to name the breed or cross-breed and how the beef is aged and for how long as these (amongst other things) can also influence the beef. Yes, I’m a bit of a Beef Geek and I taste meat from different farms/butchers all the time 😉

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