What We Eat…

Husband and I watched Food, Inc Friday night.  He was interested because some friends of ours had watched it, and became tofu-eating vegetarians; I was interested because I’m just curious about stuff like that.  Husband has decided we should make some changes now too, but far from being a tofu-eatin’, hemp-wearin’ vegetarian, we’re just switching what and how often we eat.

You see, our friends watched the movie, and presumedly got freaked by the assembly line nature, brutality, and uncleanliness of the meat industry,  They also have a young son, and were probably concerned of his eminent death by E coli-laced beef patties.  We watched the movie, loved the guy in the John-Denver glasses, and were sickened by the Monsanto practices.  I had known about Monsanto from the film Future of Food, but in that film, they really only  talk about canola; I didn’t know it stretched to other crops.  We weren’t fans of soy to begin with for its phyto-estrogen properties, but now we won’t come near the stuff for ethical reasons.

So Husband has asked that we switch to grass-fed beef, and other clean meats.  Because of the cost difference, he has agreed to cut our meat intake down to three nights a week.  I love to cook, and I really love to cook with quality ingredients, so this is no problem for me.  But I’m still struck by the differing affects the movie has had on two different families with similar backgrounds.  How did it affect you?


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  1. I was raised a vegetarian so it didn’t have that effect on me. Because of this upbringing i was fairly versed in food politics. However, the video did still have a clarifying effect on me with regards to the choices i make as a (in recent years) occasional non vegie. Plus, even with being a vegetarian there are things i think the video made clear which can be done to make your food intact more ethical and sustainable.

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