Fun Friday Quickie…

Normally, I try to sum up the week, or touch on something happening during the weekend with these lists, but this week was fairly across the board, and for once, I have a weekend with nothing planned.  So today’s list may be a bit piece-meal, and short, but it should still be fun.

  1. To save the environment, buy more Florida-python-skinned shoes, bags, pants – if you must.  The pants may be harder to pull off fashionably, but have comfort knowing you saved more of the Everglades with one leg than one can do with two feet, or a hand bag.
  2. RSVP.  Seriously.  If you RSVP to any party, then the host will only buy enough food and beverage for those attending, and won’t have 25 hotdogs left over, er, I mean, whatever food being served.
  3. Maybe I should watch less TV.  Most of my posts this week were over TV shows.  I can’t imagine that didn’t have an effect on the environment – and my electricity bill.   But, then, if I’d read the articles, there would have been energy expended to print and deliver them.  Online reading really seems to be best for the earth.  Perhaps everybody should just get their information from this blog.  Think of the money, and energy, you’ll save!

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