Tsk Tsk Oprah…

I have stated many times that it is my mission to help people become less wasteful; wasteful of their money, and wasteful of their planet.  Oprah apparently doesn’t read my blog.  I give you exhibit A – Monday, February 22nd’s episode.

Her entire set was made of Godiva Chocolate, and I mean the entire set.  The fire place, the logs in the fire place, the furniture, the walls, even the chandelier!  It took over 800 boxes of chocolate, 1500 pieces, and 1400 man hours to put the sinful monstrosity in place.  After the show, she promised to share it with the audience, but I can’t imagine the whole set being eaten, and even if it was, what does that say about American indulgence?  There are whole countries scraping together bugs and mud just to survive, and Oprah and her guests are rolling around in a cocoa-crazed bacchanalia.  Makes me think of the of the bourgeoisie.

Shame on you, Oprah.


Update*  I just posted the recipe for the Chicken Pot Pie from last week under the recipe section.



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2 responses to “Tsk Tsk Oprah…

  1. Icing on the cake…
    I hate oprah.

  2. ken koense

    i’ll second that on all things oprah, besides, shouldn’t she do something more responsible, health wise, and follow the First Lady? perhaps design a home, using fruit and vegetables that would draw attention to several causes; homeless, healthy eating and the plight of unemployed architects?

    oprah is, in the final analysis, all about oprah.

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