The Birthday Party…

We had Son’s birthday party last night – he turned two.  30 people were invited, and even RSVP’d.  20 people actually showed up.  I bought 32 hotdogs, had some beef sausage in the fridge, and bought 40 hotdog buns.  I bought 5 two-litres of soda.  I cooked up ten potatoes worth of potato salad, had the cake, along with 30 extra cupcakes.  I sent people home with the cupcakes, so I only have six of those left.  Somebody through out a whole slice of cake, but even so, I still have 4 slices in the fridge.  But even worse are the 15 hotdogs/sausages, 20 something buns, 4 servings of potato salad, and 4.5 litres of soda!  Now three of my guests arrived with the announcement they were trying vegetarianism for a month, so they brought their own “Smart Dogs;” this I understand, but just wish I’d been told before I bought 4 hotdogs for them.  The rest must be my fault.  I grossly underestimated how effective the “buying in litres vs buying in cans” strategy would be, and I overestimated how many hotdogs people would eat.

The question now is what do I do so as not to waste all those left overs!


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