A Fun Friday Quickie…

Sorry I haven’t been around the past two day…did you even notice?  Truth is I should’ve eaten more pot pie, but I’m feeling fairly with it today, even if I do sound like an 80 year old smoker.  And this is a good thing because I have a party to host come Sunday Evening.  A party?  Yes, My son is turning two.  His actual birthday is tomorrow, and the party is Sunday.  I know I’ve said before that I have a two year old, and I suppose I was lying, but it was just easier to say two than say twenty-two month old, or whatever the case was at the time.  I believe whole heartedly in rounding.

In honor of his birthday, and the party, I give you a fun free list of how to save the planet the next time you host a birthday party.

  1. Take a page out of the Japanese party throwing handbook – use paper lanterns and such to decorate instead of balloons.  Sure, both are wasteful in the end, but at least the paper is recyclable and decays.  What do balloons do?  No sense in raining on your festive feelings with toxic waste, no matter how colorful they are.
  2. Serve less food.  People won’t miss it if its not there to miss, they won’t stuff themselves silly, and you’ll save money.  People really don’t need as many options as we tend to give them.  Don’t beleive me?  Just try it sometime.  Throw a party and serve one simple main course and a simple side.  See if your guests aren’t just as happy as any other party.  But let me suggest that if it is a birthday party, you might not want to exclude the cake.
  3. I have stated before that you can save money, and the environment, by using real dishes instead of paper ones.  Thing is that you still have to use water to wash these used dishes.  A better idea is to serve foods that don’t need dishes, like hotdogs, or burritos.  Guess you’ll still need a plate and fork for the cake….maybe you should skip the cake; it’s not environmentally friendly, and I’ve already gone off on that whole cupcake phenomenon.
  4. Buy your soda in the 2-litre size.  From observation, I have noticed that people tend to drink less when they have to pour it themselves.  Something about possessing their very own can makes people crazy, and wasteful – just look around next time; maybe it’s part of that American Dream of ownership.  So save yourself some cash and make them all share.  Sharing makes people happy!
  5. And lastly, skip those silly party favours. I mean, really, who wants a bag of useless, plastic, junk.  It costs you money, it takes up space in your friends’ houses, and it will end up in a landfill, don’t kid yourself, nobody really wants a plastic slinky in the shape of a palm tree.  So throw away your copy of Oriental Trading, I mean recycle, recycle your copy of Oriental Trading, and give your guests hugs, or even better….the left overs!

Have a Happy Weekend!


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