My son has a cough and runny nose, my husband has a sore throat, and so do I; it was a miserable night.  We all feel awful, and we have a busy weekend coming up.  This means we absolutely must be happy and healthy come Saturday, and I have to come up with ways to get us that way.

Many of our over the counter medicines, while they work wonderfully, are not environmentally friendly.  They are made from strange chemicals, are packaged with plastics, cardboard, cotton, and foil, and cost a bundle.  Studies have even shown that antibiotics and hand sanitizers actually help to create “super-strains” of bacteria and diseases.  Also, you can’t give many of these drugs to a two year old.  So what is one to do?

Everyone knows that when you’re sick, chicken noodle soup makes you feel better, and now they have studies to prove it.  They found that the ingredients in the soup can have an anti-inflammatory effect, which causes a temporary ease of symptoms.

They have done studies recently to show that honey can actually work better to soothe a cough than traditional cough medicines, and if you have common allergies, it is suggested that you eat local honey.  The low exposure to the irritants in the honey may actually help build your immune system to fight them come ragweed season – or whatever season it is that ails you.

And the last one on my list is garlic.  Garlic is a natural antibiotic, and I learned, just two weeks ago, that placing a garlic clove in your ear at the first signs of an earache can actually prevent an ear infection.  Sure, you may smell kinda funny, and if your friends names are Edward and the like, you may be lonely until you’re cured, but this really is great news for parents with small children.  Earaches, and ear infections. are a most miserable time for parent and child, and if they happen often enough, tubes have to be inserted – who wants that?

So the next time you’re feeling a tell tale scratchiness in your throat, think of simple home remedies before you run out to the closest CVS Pharmacy.  You could just save your wallet and the planet!


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